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Desyncra™ for Tinnitus

Desyncra for Tinnitus

Desyncra™ for Tinnitus is a targeted therapy designed to change the patterns in tinnitus neuronal networks in the brain and reduce the distressing symptoms, including loudness and annoyance.

Reduced Loudness Annoyance Chart

Desyncra™ for Tinnitus therapy applies CR® Neuromodulation to disrupt the hyperactivity in neuronal networks associated with tinnitus.

The Desyncra™ is delivered using a customized iPod device with custom high frequency earphones to deliver the therapeutic tones that are tailored to the patient’s exact tinnitus profile.

The scientific basis of Desyncra™ for Tinnitus is reflected in the quality and quantity of published research. Clinical studies involving hundreds of patients have been published to date.

Is CR® Neuromodulation for You?

Try the Tinnitus Sound Finder App today! The free app determines the nature of your tinnitus and identifies whether it is treatable with CR® Neuromodulation.

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