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What do Current Patients have to say about Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center?

This place is wonderful, they were right from the get go accommodating and friendly! I'm new to the area and they were able to fit me in within the week, they even let me come in during their lunch hour in order to fill out the paper work as I couldn't print it! The evaluation was very thorough with a complete auditory profile being made that was both informative and reasurring. And while I was lucky enough to not need formal treatment I did purchase a wonderful Sound Pillow that has speakers in it to help with falling asleep with my Tinnitus. Would highly recommend here!

Ben Smith

I appreciated the discussion about my hearing and getting a recommendation to do nothing about my tinnitus due to my hearing being in the normal range. It's refreshing in this day and age, to have someone not try to make an unnecessary sale.

Bradley Voss

I received the friendliest and most professional care I could imagine.. The staff gave me the best ear examination and testing I've ever had - in over 40 years! I appreciated the thoroughness and expertise of Dr. Patty in every facet; she answered my questions with patience and sensitivity.?I have recommended this clinic to several of my friends.

Doug Wyffels

I was distraught for my teenage daughter and her Misophonia. I researched and researched until I came across this place on the internet. There was hope finally. These wonderful people changed our lives by listening to us, and finally giving my daughter a diagnosis of Misophonia. My daughter now has little ear pieces that fit into her ear that play white noise so that my daughter can actually enjoy life again instead of worrying about her triggers. Her triggers were my husbands breathing, babies crying, and many other things. Dr. Patty was awesome and completely worked with us financially, emotionally, and gave us a ton of resources for Misophonia. I can NEVER repay these woman for changing our lives but most importantly for changing my daughters live, where she feels life is worth living again. Shout out to receptionist Amy for calming all my fears about a long drive to Denver and for helping me through this process. Thank you ladies again for changing our world.

Tracie Noden

Awesome staff, left the first visit feeling like a long time friend. Dr. Lisa is a joy to visit with and has been a blessing. I now hear sounds that I had forgotten existed. When my tennitus kicks in, I just turn it off. I actually didn't realize how annoying it was. Only problem is now I realize how loud my house can get. My kids now ask me to turn the TV up.

Justin Paintin

Dr. Kalmbach has been my Doctor for almost 9 years. I have purchased 2 sets of hearing aids from Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center through the years. I can say that the support and service from everybody on the staff has been nothing but incredible. They understand what I'm going through with my tinnitus and hearing issues and jump to help if I need assistance.

Thomas Riffe

Excellent from the moment I walked in to the completion of my visit. Receptionist Amy Suh makes it all flow in a pleasant and efficient manner. A high level professional, Dr. Patty, through testing and extensive knowledge, develops a plan and helps you understand. Top notch!

John J. Oró 

Thank you for restoring the hearing on my left side! I've been deaf in my left ear for 42 years. I haven't looked into options for decades. CT & H held a free event that explained what options were available for a wide range of hearing problems. I attended to find out information on tinnitus treatments. But at the event I learned that they could being hearing back to my left side with a set of hearing aids. My left ear is still deaf. But, the hearing aid in my left ear sends it's signal over to the hearing aid in my right ear! I can hear on my left side again! And, the aids also help reduce my tinnitus to nearly imperceptible levels. Thank you for changing my life!

John Kieser

 I traveled from Nebraska to come here, in an attempt to find a solution for my Misophonia. Daily sounds prevented me from eating dinner with my family, working easily at a job, and caused me to isolate myself because of the physical and emotional pain that came as a result. This place gave me the only solution that's EVER helped and I can actually rejoin my life again! Being able to eat with my husband or things like that, are the irreplaceable moments of quality time that you take for granted, and I won't ever again. Thank you Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center, for changing my life.

Tyler Nicole Johnson

 Dr Patty Kalmbach has been my audiologist since I was first diagnosed with a hearing loss at 4 years old. She has fitted me with several pairs of hearing aids over the years and has always provided wonderful, professional, individualized service. 25 years later I now travel from out of state to see her because her service is so worth it. I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you Patty for all that you did

Jenn Floyd 

 I have misophonia and started seeing Dr. Patty Kalmbach several years ago for treatment. She has helped me get white noise hearing aids that have helped me tremendously, and was very helpful in assisting me to get disability accommodations at my university. These people know what they're doing and they're impeccable at it. Dr. Kalmbach is an absolute peach and has gone completely out of her way several times to ensure that my aids were working correctly, and has allowed me to borrow demo pairs whenever mine need to go into the shop, without charging me a thing! Also, can we just talk about how soothing their lobby is? Never before have I wanted to take up residence in a doctor's office! I just love it. I love all of it. I love THEM. Give them a call!

Steven Vomacka

 I had tried hearing aids before and felt the hearing specialist didn't really understand my hearing issues and eventually quit using the hearing aids. When I heard about Dr. Patty on Tom Martino's radio show, I decided to give them a try because of what I was hearing and reading about them. From the first phone call on, you feel like you're dealing with friends that really want to help you. I'm so pleased with my new hearing aids and the time and care Dr. Patty put into getting me adjusted and addressing issues with my tinnitus and meniere's. And I know she will continue to do so. Kudos to all of them!

Martha Beck

My son has always had some sensitivity issues in regards to certain sounds but it got much worse as he got older. We recently found out that his issue has a name: misophonia. I heard about Dr. Patty from Tom Martino's radio program. She was talking about misophonia with Tom. I was like "oh my goodness! I am not alone in this! Maybe he can get help...". We made an appointment to see Dr. Patty. She is SO great. She listened to both my son and myself and recommended things we could do to help him. First off, she suggested some ear devices to help him with his trigger noises. He is trying them out to see if they will help (so far, so good...we can eat as a family again!). Secondly, she suggested we apply for a housing accommodation for him to have his own room in the dorms in college. Seriously, him living in a dorm with another person was our worst fear. With his trigger noise issues, we were afraid of what would happen with a roommate. Dr. Patty helped us fill out the paperwork needed and we just found out that the college accepted our request! We are beyond happy! This will make his life SO much easier at college. We are so glad we found Dr. Patty and would recommend anyone who suffers from, or has a loved one who suffers from, misophonia to contact the office. We had no idea there were others like us out there and clueless about help. My son had been self-dealing for years. It's nice to have options and to find out that there is don't have to walk on eggshells all the time.

Kimberly Wilson

Amazing visit. Very kind and caring people. I feel like there is hope

Cajun Rick

I am a patient of Dr. Patty Kalmbach.  I sought her help for my problem with misophonia which is selective hypersensitivity to specific sounds.  Dr. Patty was very thorough in her examination and treatment of my problem.  She's the only provider I've ever seen who actually "gets it".  I now use my special hearing aids to help reduce the impact of offensive noises.  Dr. Patty was caring, knowledgeable and extremely patient.  It was probably the most positive experience I've ever had with a medical provider.  I felt seen, heard and understood.  I would recommend her to anyone with hearing problems.

Peggy L. Denver, CO

My husband has been a patient of Dr. Patty Kalmbach's for seven years.  Dr. Patty and her staff have always been wonderful to us both.  Her dedication to her patients is unparalleled.

My husband has unbearable tinnitus and Dr. Patty has been able to provide solutions to help.  My husband was unable to sleep, fearful of talking on the telephone and easily agitated prior to the hearing aids he now wears.  He is now on a healthy sleep schedule and he can talk on the phone without fear.  The technology is amazing!

We found Dr. Patty when we lived in Edwards, Colorado and now live in Fort Collins, Colorado.  We make the trip to Dr. Patty because we know that she genuinely cares about us and will recommend solutions that will help my husband deal with the awful tinnitus he would otherwise have to "live with".

Jodi R. Ft. Collins, CO

I have been a patient of Dr. Patty Kalmbach for at least 8 years.  I had hearing loss and tinnitus issues.  She was very through with the testing and fitting of my aides. I am SUPER HAPPY with my treatment!  It has helped me so much!  Everyone in the office has been very professional and friendly!  My experience has been wonderfully successful!  They are more expensive than getting aides at Costco.  But I believe you get what you pay for!  I visit this office at least every 6 months to get rechecked.  If you have a hearing problem, don't hesitate to visit with Dr. Patty or Dr. Lisa for an excellent experience!  I am sure glad I did!

Pat K. Pueblo, CO

I have been a patient at Colorado and Tinnitus and Hearing for about 8 years or more.  In that time I have had the most caring and professional treatment from Drs. Patty Kalmbach and Lisa Evans-Smith.  Early on I learned from Dr. Patty that learning to wear hearing aids is not like trying on shoes.  I did not have the luxury of insurance coverage for purchasing hearing aids after finding how severe my hearing loss was.  Colorado Tinnitus did everything possible to help me afford hearing aids.  After I developed Tinnitus this office has done everything to help me deal with it.  They are the only hearing center in Colorado to be able to offer the latest and most effective treatment for tinnitus -- Desyncra, which I am currently evaluating as a possible user of that program.

The whole process over my years as a patient has meant that I have had to communicate constantly with my audiologists in order to get the best treatment.  In return I have had the benefit of finding out about the best technology available for my hearing loss, my hyperacusis, and tinnitus.  When I hear people complain about the cost of hearing aids and they can get them cheaper elsewhere, then the old adage starts ringing true "you get what you pay for".  Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center has some of the best hearing aids available and reviews of the brands that they have available bear that out.  Hearing aids are not cheap and professional care that goes along with them is not either. Again I reiterate communication between patient and audiologist is critical.  Also the more respect given to them as professionals is returned many fold to the patient.

I have no qualms about recommending Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center for their care, service and professionalism.

Mike G. Littleton, CO

In July of 2013 I suddenly experienced an annoying pressure and racket in my ears.  It felt as if there were water inside, but it wouldn't go away. I am a semi-professional musician and have played cello in a number of orchestras and other ensembles for many years.  My hearing is very important to me, and this new sensation was most distressing. 

After visiting numerous MD's and having many tests run, including brain scans for possible tumors, I was informed that there was nothing more they could do for me.  I was depressed, distracted, and felt as if my head would explode (occasionally I almost wished that would happen so that it didn't bother me any more!).  Fortunately my husband located the Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center on-line, and my hearing was thoroughly tested in each ear.  Dr. Lisa Evans-Smith fitted me with a Neuromonics device.

She is very competent and caring, and all of the treatment was explained to me in detail.  I spent 2 hours a day at home or wherever else I was listening to some of the 4 audio tracks on the system;  two are relaxing classical music, and the other two are more recent: flute, keyboard, and nature sounds. Apparently my brain had been focusing on the tinnitus and overwhelming pressure.  This brain needed to be re-trained to pay less attention to the pressure and noise by focusing on other things.

I am now considered to be a graduate of the program! Yes, there is still some sound and pressure which I can notice in my ears, but it is not taking over my whole existence any more.  I feel as though Dr. Lisa has given me my life back!  Thank you so much ... there really is a solution and relief!!

Eleanor C. Littleton, CO

I can’t say enough good thing about Dr. Patty Kalmbach and her whole entire office. I’m only 28 years old with no known history of hearing damage, ear infections or anything. Perfectly normal hearing wise. My hearing was astute until about 4 months ago. About 4 months ago, I pretty much woke up with a loud ringing in both my ears. It took me weeks between regular PCP office visits, ENT’s, dentists, hearing specialists, MRI’s, CT scans, hearing tests, blood work and to no end did I find a reason why I have the ringing other than simple minor hearing loss with LOUD ringing. I was told by almost everyone that it’s something you have to live with. YOU DO NOT.

I woke up to ringing one day with no known cause. I also have researched it looking for any relief. Noise machines work in the immediate but once the white noise is gone (if you’re lucky enough for the ringing to be masked) the ringing comes right back more noticeable.

No one talks about this like they should. 1 out of 5 people generally suffer from some degree of tinnitus. Some people they aren’t bothered by it and some people are driven crazy by it. I couldn’t sleep, I was depressed, was barely able to work or even enjoy a single moment of relaxation.

Dr. Patty set me up with Widex brand hearing aids with a Zen program. Plays a light piano/wind-chime noise that gives pretty much immediate relief. In the long term, it’s supposed to train my brain into not being bothered by it so much. THE FIRST DAY I fell in love with these hearing aids. My hearing isn’t so bad where I need the amplification but it certainly helps even without the Zen program. (By the way, they very small hearing aids and I can listen to music and stream any audio from my phone, computer or TV that has a Bluetooth connection.)

YOU DO NOT NEED TO SUFFER. I’m a young guy who is healthy otherwise and this came out of no where. There are other options for tinnitus that Dr. Patty Kalmbach has to offer but this works for me and I love it. If insurance is an issue, they take Care Credit as well and most people are approved within 5 minutes. Seriously. Dr. Patty Kalmbach saved my life which is a strong but accurate statement.

David Joseph, Colorado Springs,Colorado

I started the process of working with Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing a year ago and have had an AMAZING experience with their treatment. I was overwhelmed by tinnitus and could not sleep or function because of the noise. I started the procedure using the Haven protocol and am happy to say that it was a success. Follow the instructions, do your homework and it really works. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and caring and will work with you throughout your treatment.

Francine P. Denver, Colorado

A breath of fresh air!

Imagine: a business where you are welcome, respected, serviced graciously and professionally by competent people .. even if you’re not family or wearing a 5 karat diamond ring.

It’s easy these days to forget that such businesses — which, in my opinion, should be the norm … if only because such an approach is invaluable in order for a business to grow and become successful — still exist. They’re so few and far between.

So … here’s my story:

I couldn’t figure out why my 93-year-old father’s hearing aid wasn’t working. He kept buying new batteries — by the boatload! I examined the device, and all I could think of was that the battery wasn’t making a good connection.

I was with my father and we happened to be in the Porter’s Hospital vicinity and saw the sign for Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center. I thought, "Since we’re right here, I might as well go in", but I wasn’t looking forward to it. It gets tiresome to always be greeting by persons who are as much as saying, "Why are you bothering me?" Like the wizard of Oz tells Dorothy, "Come back in ten years".

I walked in and was greeted by Morgan, who was the office manager. She was sitting at a reception desk, so I naturally assumed that she was the receptionist. I was all ready for her to say something like, "Our knowledgeable person is out of the office right now. Could you come back in ten years?"

Anyway … nothing could be further than the truth. On the contrary, she took my father’s hearing aid, and without my having to go through the labor of trying to get her interested enough in my case so as to not tell me to come back in 10 years, she examined it, showed me exactly what was wrong with it, proceeded to go fix it, gave it back to me … all in the space of about 10 minutes. And it wasn’t that easy a task, either. She had to wrestle with the hearing aid, twist it, cajole it, cut it, glue it, and clean it.

She was cheerful, interested, knowledgeable, and energetic.

Like I said … a breath of fresh air; a rare find.

Don’t go anywhere else for this kind of work. You don’t need to.

Michael Samuels

Tinnitus was destroying my life. I had lost a job and my career as a musician was agony. Patty and Lisa have worked with me for four years and my tinnitus is under control. I am leading a normal busy life. I know how to deal with the issues tinnitus creates. Without Lisa and Patty, Morgan and neuromonics I don’t know if I would still be here. They were always there for me. Tinnitus can create a very stressful environment, there is no cure, it is easy to become frustrated with your Doctor’s. I am sure at times I was a challenge. They were always caring and professional.

Harry Grainger

Morgan, Office Manager and Audiology Assistant, met me on a Sunday since I live 2 hours away and fixed my hearing aid on HER time off. She certainly didn’t need to do that for me. It was not in her job description. It was her kindness! Patty and Lisa are awesome in assisting me in diagnosing my hearing loss and making the appropriate recommendation to correct my hearing loss and working on my tinnitus at the same time. They have always worked around my schedule since I don’t get to Denver very often. The office atmosphere is wonderful. You get to watch fish on a digital aquarium which is so relaxing and fascinating. Delicious coffee and cookies as well! They could never have been nicer or kinder to me in any way. Not only would I recommend others to see these awesome people, I have previously referred others to them.

Pat Kyffin

They have changed my dad’s life. He no longer has to wrestle with tinnitus everyday thanks to CT&H. Dr. Lisa was very thorough in her explanation of the treatment and made sure my dad knew what to expect going forward. She has a personal touch that made us both feel at ease. I left feeling very confident that she viewed my dad’s hearing problem as her own and she intended to solve it. The receptionist Morgan is both knowledgeable and super helpful. I had to bring my two small children with me and she made sure they felt welcome. I’ve received reminder phone calls for every appointment and they were very flexible when it came to scheduling. I love these people for what they have given my dad, he now listens to his TV at 1/4 the volume that he did before. I will recommend them to anybody I know with a hearing problem for the rest of my life.

Olga Avila

I can’t say enough about CTHC. Their staff are some of the finest individuals I have experienced in a customer service environment. The service is the acme of the industry and I would return anytime. The expertise is cutting edge and definitely top tier.

Jason Andrade

After our 11 year old daughter developed a severe case of hyperacusis following a flu shot, our healthcare providers were unable to help her. Eventually, she had to be pulled from school and lived in seclusion as she couldn’t tolerate the slightest of sounds. In desperation, we contacted the Hyperacusis Network and were referred to the Colorado Tinnitus Center where we scheduled a consultation with Dr. Lisa Evans-Smith.

Immediately, we were put at ease. Dr. Lisa was friendly, kind and sympathetic to our daughter’s situation. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional and by the end of the consultation we were confident that the neuromonic treatment she recommended would provide some relief.

During treatment the progression of hyperacusis halted and her sound sensitivity began to improve. Each visit with Dr. Lisa was positive; she took her time to explain everything and was never in a rush. Within six month’s our daughter’s condition improved so much that she was able to return to school and participate in most activities. Today she is 100% cured; it is as if she never had the condition. Our experience at the Colorado Tinnitus Center was always good and the service and treatment Dr. Lisa provided went beyond our expectations. We are so comfortable with Dr. Lisa that we now consider her part of the family and highly recommend her.

Sincerely yours,

Tony and Laura from Arvada, Colorado

For me, this was a life saving experience. I had given up hope of any relief from the never ending screaming in my head. I found the office to be professional, and the staff to be compassionate. Dr. Kalmbach clearly laid out what to expect during the diagnosis & treatment, and was fully supportive of my situation. My condition was severe—I was on the edge of going insane—and therapy for any condition is never a quick fix. The final result was that I got my life back. The tinnitus became a non-issue, and I cannot speak highly enough of how I was taken care of by Dr. Kalmbach and the entire staff.

Kenneth Smith

Colorado Tinnitus is the best medical center for any problem that I have ever known. I have had a long life of medical problems and I have never recieved the quality of care that I received from Patty Kalmbach at CTH.

I came in here a year ago with a horrible hearing problem: tinnitus and hyperaccusis. After help and new hearing aids, I am cured.I have nothing but the highest praise for Patty and the entire CTH team.

Chris Gersten

I can’t speak highly enough of this place.

I came in for a consult about misophonia and tinnitus. I was given several treatment options and opted for tinnitus-relief hearing aids. I was treated like an equal by everyone on staff, I was given honest and straightforward information, and I was seen within a reasonable time frame despite their full schedules. I’ve been using the hearing aids for a few weeks now and it’s already life-changing.

For what it’s worth, my insurance doesn’t cover hearing, but I was told that many of their misophonia patients have at least some luck with getting insurance to pay for the work.

Chris Terry

The onset of my tinnitus came as a result of an automobile accident resulting in a concussion. Upon regaining consciousness, my head felt like it had a swarm of bees in it, with one very large angry "queen" bee and thousand of worker bees all buzzing at the top of their lungs. This 24/7 noise was traumatic with never a moment of silence. It caused anger, frustration, anxiety, a feeling of total despair and made me weary to the point of total exhaustion.

More times than I want to remember, I was ready to end it all (i.e. suicide). Then I went to Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center where Dr. Patty did some testing to evaluate my condition and recommended a course of treatment using the Neuromonics device. This device contained four tracks of soothing music and other sounds that I listened to. The device was comfortable to wear and I personally wore it 6 to 10 hours per day. It actually became my "security blanket"! It was wonderful, I actually noticed a remarkable difference after the first week, but it was a slow and steady progression over the period of a year with several evaluations and adjustments by Dr. Patty.

I still have tinnitus, but the volume of noise, frustration, anxiety and feeling of total despair are much, much better. In the beginning it was so terrible that I couldn't sleep, read the newspaper, watch TV, or concentrate on anything. My life was totally consumed by the unrelenting buzzing 24/7.

I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism, the real and sincere concern for me as a patient by Dr. Patty and the staff, and their dedication to detail in evaluation my condition and to designing a treatment plan to help me get better.

The moral to my story is DON'T MESS with an "ANGRY QUEEN BEE". Dr. Patty and the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment device, has literally given me a "New Lease on Life". IT WORKS!

To Your Good Health,

- Ralph E. Miller - Salida, Colorado

After waking up from surgery and after the painkillers had worn off, I found myself experiencing a raging case of tinnitus. I had never experienced anything like this. My ears rang constantly and extremely loudly. I could not rest or relax and sleeping required sleeping pills. Concentration was impossible. My G. P. the surgeon, and even other ear clinics said there was nothing they could do. (It would probably go away, they said). My friends and family were watching the desperation in me grow and I was experiencing panic. Waiting for this to simply "go away" did not seem like an option to me. I worried that I would not be able to concentrate enough to do my job.

Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center was running public service announcements on a radio station that a friend happened to be listening to and suggested I call. The response I received from them felt like a lifeline. They made time in a busy schedule to see me immediately and spent time, long over the standard office call allotment, to begin the process of education it takes to heal tinnitus. Their understanding of and compassion for the human experience is as important as the clinical knowledge of it. There really is hope for treatment but it requires cooperation and commitment of the patient. They help you understand what is going on physically with your ears and your brain and then support you in what you must do to help the treatment work.

It has been a year since this journey began. I spend most of the day unaware of my ears. At times they still ring but it is totally under control and at a level I can live with or ignore. Most of all I am not panicked about having tinnitus. I do not think I would be saying this without the help of the Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center and I emphatically want to pass on hope and support for any person with tinnitus. Only someone who has experience it knows how devastating it is. For me there was help and I feel fortunate to have found this compassionate group of people to assist me in healing.

- Linda Wilson - Denver, Colorado