Diagnostic Hearing Tests

At Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center our primary concern is to assess your hearing ability and evaluate the best ways to manage your hearing problem.

We use a combination of advanced procedures and state-of-the-art technology to accurately diagnose and thoroughly treat patients who are suffering from various degrees of hearing loss as well tinnitus and or sound sensitivity.

When you arrive in our facility, you will always be cared for by Dr. Lisa Evans-Smith, Au.D or by Dr. Patty Kalmbach, Au.D. Both Dr. Lisa and Dr. Patty are certified and licensed audiologists. We believe that education, experience, and ethical professional standards set us apart. Based on the age and individual needs of each patient, one or more of the following diagnostic procedures may be done:
When a patient comes to our clinic for a complete or diagnostic audiological evaluation, he/she receives many if not all of the following tests;

Complete Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

Puretone Air Conduction Testing

Bone Conduction Testing

Speech Reception Threshold

Speech Recognition Testing


Stapedial Reflex

Acoustic Reflex Decay*

Play Audiometry

Eustachian Tube Function Testing

Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) Screening

Sound Field Testing